Standard Plans

These innovative southern living house plans, and family house plans respond to various site conditions, such as hillsides, and to owner needs and desires. Browse through them and pick one closest to your project concept.

Mac­don­ald Ar­chi­tec­ture house lay­outs and house plans may be used as a start­ing point for design­ing your pro­ject.  Mac­don­ald Ar­chi­tects of­fers stand­ard plan cus­tom­iz­a­tion on a con­sult­ing basis.  Per­mit sub­mis­sion and work­ing draw­ing sets are drawn based on the ma­ter­i­als and spe­cif­ic­a­tions you choose for your pro­ject.

  • Tiny House Series: Affordable small but open living designs, suitable for do-it-yourself, DIY, construction.

  • Southern Living: Modern and Southern Living Style Designs including apartment layouts, townhouse floor plans, and floor plan drawings for affordable residences

  • Coastal Series: Hurricane, flood, and storm surge resistant structures built on pylons to raise main floor level above flood and storm surge level

  • Courtyard Series: U shaped plans and courtyard house plans offer outdoors privacy with a dramatic entrance experience

  • Steel Adobe Series: Southwest and prairie style homes that use a highly reinforced Ferrocement structure to provide wildfire, earthquake, and tornado resistance. Survival technologies can be incorporated in these designs.

  • Survival Consultants: Earth sheltered hillside and earth bermed passive solar designs for energy savings and earth tempering.

  • Extended Family: Extended family shared and co-living villa plans. with multiple independent suites that share a central facility.

  • Castles and Fortified: Fortified castle style Monster house plans, and Castle plans for prepper survival with passive solar and passive geothermal earth tempering. Survival technologies can be incorporated into these plans.

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