Design Concepts

These conceptual designs are for affordable, sustainable, net zero, passive solar, geothermal, and disaster resistant buildings of all types.

  • Winery Design
    Macdonald Architecture designs wineries including bottling lines, cask storage, fermenting, restaurants and tasting rooms.

  • Community Design
    Community design includes educational, religious, medical, social housing & emergency reconstruction design, sustainable landscape design and town planning.

  • Affordable Social Housing
    We specialize in affordable home design for individual Do-it-Yourself, DIY owners, as well as for social housing programs, and emergency reconstruction projects.

  • Multi Family
    Fire resistant galvanized steel and Ferrocement structures are ideal for multi-family housing because they are non-combustible and super strong. We design using all materials. Our plans conform to Housing and Urban Development HUD standards as well as to international building codes.

  • Fortified Survival Home
    You can build your own do it yourself DIY, affordable and disaster resistant fortified home, IBHS fortified survival home, safe room, and EMP resistant emergency shelter.

  • Commercial & Hospitality
    Money saving sustainable design is essential to commercial and hospitality projects because profitability depends on low operating costs. These designs exhibit attractive modern style, sometimes with historical overtones suitable for tourist industry projects. Disaster resistant structures save lives and property.

Flood, hurricane, and storm surge resistant Town Center features a retail mall level above ground floor parking & delivery, with offices and solar garden apartments above