Affordable Social Housing

We specialize in affordable home design for individual Do-it-Yourself, DIY owners, as well as for social housing programs, and emergency reconstruction projects.

affordable Cottages in townhouse configuration

Urban Cluster Entrance View

This fire resistant cluster of 3 story apartment units consist of 1 Bedroom units on the third level, 2 Bedroom units on second floor, and 3 Bedroom apartments on the ground floor.  All levels have balconies.  Balcony areas can act as elevated gardens.

Ferrocement emergency modules around a courtyard

Emergency housing consists of 1 Bedroom 1 Bath apartments in a courtyard configuration for sociability and community security.

SHER Social Housing Emergency Response units

These Social Housing Emergency Response, SHER modules, provide flex space for immediate deployment as medical, dormitory, community, and housing.  They can later be repurposed as commercial and as condominium residences.

Balcony Apartments around a Courtyard

1, 2 & 3 Bedroom apartments in a courtyard cluster with balconies at each level.  Balconies and flat roofs provide space for private gardens, and sustainable & survival technologies.

Affordable Social Housing with Solar Panels