Coastal Series

Hurricane, flood, and storm surge resistant structures built on pylons to raise main floor level above flood and storm surge level

  • Coastal Savoy
    3,561 sq.ft. 2 story 2 bedroom 2 bath coastal plan features a raised main floor and roof garden, covered parking at ground level, with sustainable hurricane, flood & storm surge resistance features

  • Coastal Cottage
    1,780 sq.ft. 2 bedroom 1 bathroom survival home designed for coastal regions subject to flooding, hurricane, & storm surge

  • Sea Deck
    10,365 sq.ft. 3 story 3 bedroom 3 bathroom hurricane, flood, and storm surge resistant design for family safety, durability, and storm survival, raised main floor with swimming pool

  • Trade Winds
    5,865 sq.ft. 3 story 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, luxury hurricane, storm surge and flood resistant structure with elevated pool deck and main level

This dog trot house plan features parking under a raised main level