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Chief Architect presents at the AIA Conference on Architecture 2019

Sustainability, the New Form giver

Nov. 8, 2019

    Chief Architect addresses American Institute of Architects

    Angus Macdonald spoke at Architecture Exchange East 2019 hosted by the AIA in Richmond, VA. on 8 Nov. 2019.   His talk is titled Sustainability the New Form Giver. This talk is a discussion of how the design requirements of 3 main sustainability factors can influence building appearance:

    1. Making building construction sustainable through material choice and building design

    2. Designing disaster resistant structures for safety and survival during extreme events: hurricanes, floods, storm surge, wildfire, and earthquakes

    3. Architectural forms for integration of energy conservation and renewable power generation: passive solar, passive geothermal, active solar, rainwater harvesting.

    During the discussion period, other architects in the group contributed their concepts for architectural forms pertinent to sustainability.