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Chief Architect presents at the AIA Conference on Architecture 2018

Designing for Earthquake, Flood & Hurricane Resistance

Nov. 8, 2018

    Angus Macdonald spoke at Architecture Exchange East 2018 hosted by the AIA in Richmond, VA. His talk was titled Designing for Earthquake Flood & Hurricane Resistance. Slides of recent hurricane damage in FL and the Caribbean show that structural failure of buildings begins with the fasteners connecting structural elements and along intersections where materials change. He presented an analysis of how the over-stressing of fasteners and the material around them can occur with the lateral forces of wind and storm surge. He suggested the use of galvanized steel reinforced Ferrocement as a seamless unibody solution to structural failure during extreme events. He stated that structural continuity is the key to extreme strength and disaster resistance.  There was strong response from many of the architect attendees.   Since the address, Macdonald has given talks on this subject at architectural firms.