Disaster Resistance

You can create a building that is: hurricane, flood, fire, and earthquake resistant. You can build an IBH fortified house, with a durable low VOC life-saving Ferrocement structure. Ferrocement is electromagnetic pulse EMP resistant, and resistant to rot, mold, mildew, fungus, vermin, ants, and termites.

Lives and prop­erty can be saved by us­ing strong con­struc­tion tech­no­logy.  Dur­ab­il­ity and sur­viv­ab­il­ity are key factors in dis­as­ter res­ist­ance.

We guide you in cre­at­ing a pro­ject that pro­tects you and your fam­ily, and saves you money for the life of the build­ing!

  • Light Gage Gal­van­ized steel frame­work for walls, roofs, par­ti­tions, in­ter­me­di­ate floors
  • Anchored in Gal­van­ized steel re­in­forced con­crete foot­ings
  • Coated with su­per-re­in­forced Fer­ro­ce­ment seam­less unibody skin
  • Cre­ates a co­hes­ive struc­ture highly res­ist­ant to:
    • Hur­ricane
    • Flood
    • Fire
    • Earth­quake
    • EMP elec­tro­mag­net­ic pulse
  • Ex­treme dur­ab­il­ity and low main­ten­ance cost
    • ant, termite, in­sect res­ist­ance
    • no VOC volat­ile or­gan­ic com­pounds that may cre­ate in­door air pol­lu­tion
    • fungus, mold & mil­dew res­ist­ant
    • no rot, rust, or de­teri­or­a­tion
  • Sur­viv­al life-sav­ing struc­tures.

We in­cor­por­ate struc­tur­al geo­metry that in­creases res­ist­ance to ex­treme heat and wild fires, to the lat­er­al forces of wind, wa­ter, and seis­mic events through struc­tur­al con­tinu­ity

  • Gal­van­ized steel wall frame­work em­bed­ded in con­tinu­ous gal­van­ized re­in­forced con­crete foot­ing
  • Con­crete in­ter­me­di­ate floors & roofs in­ter­locked with steel frame Fer­ro­ce­ment coated walls
  • Gal­van­ized steel frame par­ti­tions, stairs, bal­conies & rail­ings
  • Ex­ter­i­or open­ing frame flanges em­bed­ded in Fer­ro­ce­ment for leak free build­ing en­vel­ope