Disaster Resistance

Hurricane, tornado, flood, forest & wild fire, earthquake, EMP protection

Lives and prop­erty can be saved by us­ing strong con­struc­tion tech­no­logy.  Dur­ab­il­ity and sur­viv­ab­il­ity are key factors in dis­as­ter res­ist­ance.

Good design – saves, pro­tects, pre­serves

There are 3 im­port­ant as­pects to sur­viv­ing a dis­as­ter and its af­ter­math:

  1. Life-sav­ing build­ing design
  2. Strong and dur­able ma­ter­i­als
  3. In­teg­rated sur­viv­al sys­tems

Life-sav­ing build­ing design

Struc­tur­al geo­metry that in­creases res­ist­ance to ex­treme heat and wild fires, and to the lat­er­al forces of wind, wa­ter, and seis­mic events through struc­tur­al con­tinu­ity.

  • Act­ive and pass­ive sol­ar provide com­fort and en­ergy to sur­vive the af­ter­math
  • Sol­ar wa­ter puri­fic­a­tion provides clean wa­ter